Personal training for companies that sell health products

MDI Advisers offer tailored training services for companies that sell medical products. From our training department, we develop customized projects based on the needs of your company and the objectives you want to achieve with the training requested.

The tailor-made training for the marketing and commercialization of healthcare products for companies that our organization offers, adapts one hundred percent to the requirements of our clients and to the specific needs of each one of them. In this way we can offer a personalized service that will be the definitive solution to improve and gain advantage.

Within our customized training service for companies that sell medical products, we can offer different options, ranging from training workshops to courses and / or continuous training.

Initially the heads of MDI training will meet with those responsible or in charge of company training to assess the state of the company and determine its training needs.

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Once the program has been agreed upon, training assistants will be chosen and interviewed, to achieve a greater personalization of the methodology and content of the training to be delivered.

  • Training workshop: can be from four hours to one-day training.
  • Courses: from one-day training to several weeks.
  • Continuous training: training for workers for long periods of time.
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Training for companies that sell health products

We offer training services in different areas and characteristics depending on the needs of each one of our clients. As a deliverer of customized training, we have both a general training offer for companies marketing health products and courses for specialized departments and workshops for workers who need to improve some of their skills.

At MDI Advisers we are trained to offer all types of sales training for the health technology sector.

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Buyer people

A Buyer Person is a group of customers who buy for the same reason. When we identify our Buyer People we learn who they are and how they buy.

Thanks to this knowledge of our Buyer People we can contact them to talk about what interests them, not only about what interests us. They realize that we are the ones who know them best and that we can offer them what they want and how they want it, and they decide to work with us.

At MDI Advisers, we want to be your ally so that you can learn to identify your Buyer People, which is essential not only to sell, but also to have loyal customers that make you grow and ensure the future of your business. For all this we have signed an agreement with USE who are the most expert in field. Request an interview and we will visit you to expand on this information.

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Our customized training in Madrid focuses on the following areas:

  • Management skills
  • Executive coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Training in sales in the health technology sector
  • Initiation to public procurement for sales networks

Initiation to the contracting of sales networks

Practical review to know in detail the main phases that make up a bidding process. Analysis of specific cases. Taught by Jose Ramón Chavarri Bravo.

We will analyze:

  • Different types of bidding announcements.
  • Minor purchases.
  • Procedures negotiated with and without publicity.
  • Framework agreements.
  • Analysis of the differences between subjective and objective award criteria.
  • Analysis of the procedure to be followed by the Contracting Committee in the different opening acts (subjective criteria / objective criteria).
  • How to proceed in the opening actions.
  • What documentation of other bidding companies can we access?
  • Confidential documentation of the bidding companies.
  • Special Resource in Contract Matter. Actions susceptible to appeal.


  • Provide the sales team with fundamental knowledge in the bidding field.
  • Clarify how to proceed at each stage of a bidding process and the fundamental rights that assist them.

Courses will be taught:

  • In the company offices.
  • Possibility of integrating the seminar, in the planning of the sales conventions held by the company.
  • Seminar of 4/5 hours.

Contact with us

If you need more information about our customized training or you want direct contact to hire any of our training services, you can do it calling +34 910 05 98 28 or email us at: for Spain for Portugal.
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